Made Somewhere Chats With The Fold

Made Somewhere Chats With The Fold – Work During Covid – contemporary meeting with laptop and curtain

Made Somewhere chats with The Fold about adjusting to life during COVID.

How have you managed remote working overall?

Although it has been an adjustment, Made Somewhere has managed to work remotely well. As a graphic design studio, we were already quite adaptable to being able to work from anywhere (providing we have access to a computer and the internet)! Where we have seen a big change is mainly through our clients. Since COVID, we have noticed a big shift in virtual communication and the understanding that meetings/presentations don’t necessarily have to be ‘in-person’ and in many ways, can be more effective and productive virtually.

Made Somewhere Chats With The Fold – Work During Covid – contemporary meeting with laptop and curtain

Did you implement any changes to processes to help manage communications or workflow?

We introduced organisation/collaboration platform Trello. Trello allows us to manage our team and workload in an easy and customisable manner. Trello allows team members anywhere to see tasks for the day in simple cards which can be moved, organised, and archived. An easy way to stay on top of the day, stay motivated, and get the satisfaction of removing a card from your board once it has been completed! A digital checklist made easy!

Did you introduce a new communication platform?

New communication platforms became a huge focus during COVID, for example Zoom. Zoom allows us to speak and connect with clients and each other quickly and conveniently. Barriers in regards to lockdowns and restrictions, to meeting in-person are quickly overcome with online communication that allowed work, presentations and meetings to continue as normal.

How have you kept yourself and your team motivated? What’s your number one tip?

Instating boundaries to make sure everyone stays refreshed and motivated. 1. For example, having a dedicated workspace (eg. a separate corner away from the tv, and kids, etc). 2. Another important aspect is sticking to dedicated hours (no overtime). 3. Also, taking breaks (coffee time/ getting out on a walk with the dog). 4. Getting ready for work as usual, and 5. Lastly, regular check-ins.

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