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Ins & Outs aims to remove the taboo and stigma associated with bowel issues. Providing at-home bowel training for patients with incontinence. Made Somewhere was engaged to provide functional packaging for the Ins & Outs device.

Branding | Packaging

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Made Somewhere worked on creating packaging that was premium, discreet and Intuitive. The packaging not only housed the device and charger securely, yet also provided a professional and inclusive experience through the use of subtle brand messaging and graphics. Three colour variations were created for varying medical conditions and treatments.

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Client Testimonial

“I had needed packaging design for a medical device (Ins&Outs Trainer) developed by our research team at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University. Made Somewhere was recommended by friends at various start-ups for their creativity and innovative designs.
Packaging for this product needed to convey the medical nature of the device but also be discreet, friendly, and fun – no easy feat to accomplish.
Christian and Elki were very professional and friendly to work with. They made the effort to understand the sensitive nature of the product and empathise with its target users. From this foundation, they applied their know-how to crafting the design.
The design process was a coorporative process, they were willing to make adjustments based on the team’s feedback.
They also assisted with manufacturing, making the design-to-production a seamless process for us. The outcome was an elegant package that encapsulated what we wanted to be to our customers and added value to our product.”

Jerry Zhou | Founder